White Lions: Ngala Yobasa

James Suter, now a filmmaker and owner of Black Bean Productions, first guided on the N’wanetsi Concession at Singita and came to know the many prides of lion that frequent this area. Recently he had the chance to go back to see one of the prides from his days as a guide – with the addition of white lion cubs.

White lions are thought to be indigenous to the Timbavati area, and haven’t been sighted in this area for decades and so it was very unexpected to see them. So unexpected, in fact, that no one believed the tracker that first radioed in the sighting.

Capturing these lions on film was a challenge, especially with limited shoot days, but with the expertise of the guiding team at Singita we were able to get some beautiful footage of the pride and the cubs.

You can help by donating to the Global White Lion Protection Trust which campaigns for the protection of these critically endangered animals in their endemic wild habitat in the Timbavati region.

Donations go to Global White Lion Protection Trust.

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James is co-founder of Black Bean Productions – a small independent film production company in Cape Town. All films for conservation on this website were produced by Black Bean Productions.

White Lions: Ngala Yobasa - James Suter
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