I am a Ranger

This films aims to shed light on some of the many unsung heroes working in conservation and that are at the forefront of the war on poaching. In this film, the team at Ol Pejeta are featured. The Ol Pejeta Conservancy is doing incredible work with an integrated approach to conservation.

The film also aims to give viewers some insight into the challenges these rangers face and their view on the current situation as regards wildlife crime in Africa. They urge us to join hands and to work with them to protect our wildlife, as they cannot do this alone.

Some of the individuals featured are from Ol Pejeta’s highly effective anti-poaching unit, some work in human-wildlife conflict and others are caregivers to the last northern white rhinos on earth – guarding these three rhino 24/7. Watch the film, share it and get involved – it is our global responsibility.

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James is co-founder of Black Bean Productions – a small independent film production company in Cape Town. All films for conservation on this website were produced by Black Bean Productions.

I am a Ranger - James Suter
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