Dehorning a Rhino in the wild

Conservationists are finding that the practice of dehorning rhinos is becoming increasingly necessary to protect the species from going extinct.

Though rhino horn is made of keratin, there is a lucrative market for it, driven by demand from Asia where it is mistakenly thought to have medicinal properties.

It is with great care, research and understanding, that the teams involved carry out this intervention as a pre-emptive measure to save the species.

This is only one part of the multi-faceted approach to fight the poaching crisis. Social media, donations, education and community engagement all play a role. You can help by donating to our partner in this film, Wildlands, who work with local communities to educate, engage, and increase their stake in the survival of the rhino.

Donations go to Wildlands

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James is co-founder of Black Bean Productions – a small independent film production company in Cape Town. All films for conservation on this website were produced by Black Bean Productions.

Dehorning a Rhino in the wild - James Suter
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